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GrandCh, VetCh, PTCh Angelusparks Elsa's Eternal Bliss TAN PVW19, LVW19 "Bliss"

7th April 2010  - 7th of December 2022    Hips: A/B       Elbows: 0/0      Eyes: Clear     PRA 1 & 2: Clear     Pedigree      Album

* Porto Veteran Winner 2019

* Lisbon Veteran Winner 2019

* Veteran Champion

* Portuguese Champion

* Grand Champion

* 2nd Best of the 8th Group

* Best in Show Retriever Club Show 14

* 2nd Best Junior in Show

* Best in Show Puppy Gibraltar 2010

* Best in Show Veteran

( specialty)

* 2x Reserve Best in Show Veteran

* T.A.N. Natural Aptitudes Test

* Golden Retriever Breed and Group judge: Mr. Jos de Cuyper (Belgium)

* Judge for the Best in Show Puppy: Mr. Vincent O'Brian (Ireland): Best in Show Puppy

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