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PTCh Dark Devotion Hurricane Huntress LJW6, JP6,, LW07, BOB06, TAN

D.O.B. 8/03/05 - 28/ 07/14       Hips: B/B Elbows: 0/0      Pattela: 0/0       Eyes: Clear ( Gonio clear)       Pedigree   Album

Breeder: Louisianne Noteborn- Schmit

* Lisbon Junior Winner 06

* Junior Hope 06, JP06

* Portuguese Champion

* Lisbon Winner 07

* Best of Breed 2007

* TAN - Natural Aptitudes Test

"Hurry" was daddy's girl. What ever happened to him she seem to felt it. She had a unique character and what she loved more in her life was working by his side.

She went to Heaven in 2014, after a very short period after we found out she had a sarcoma.

"Today I became a star!" by Hurry

"Today I went for a big walk with my family, the seven of us and "mummy" and "daddy", it has been a wile since they took me with them as I get so very tired.

I did get tired but I felt happy!

After I was even happier when they took me , just me, to the beach. We played, swam and made some pictures, it was wonderful...

Then we went to my vet, I know her so well, and I like them all. They kiss me and cuddle me very much.

"Mummy" and "daddy" held me very close to them, I could feel their hearts beating and wile I was falling asleep they told me that each time they will look at the sky they will always see me shining bright and that I would never be alone because I will be with Goldie and Clipper and always, always in their hearts "

As many of you know Hurry had a Histiocytic sarcoma. We did a chemo treatment and one week after she woke up with high fever, not being able to move and with a cough. We took her to the vet and after a hemogram we saw she had a very low white cells number, it had attacked the bone marrow. We started her on antibiotics and some pills to help it start working again. Just over 24 hours after her temperature started to get lower but the white cells never got higher. She was restless even with the pain pills, her bladder and her intestines were also showing signs of not working properly. She stopped drinking water and we made a hard decision, not to allow her to suffer anymore.

Her head was as sharp as always... just her body failed on her, our black "baby" girl is now in peace.

We would like to thank everyone that has chatted with us along these weeks, you all know who you are, very special to have so many people willing to help! Thank you with all our hearts xxx

A special thank you to Suzi Beber that in the name of as sent us some natural products for Hurry and also has taught us so much. A thank you note to Catharine Reeves Gross for introducing her to me.

"Hurry"doing what she loved best!

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