Golden & Flatcoated Retriever
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Golden & Flatcoated Retriever                    Updated at 10th of December 2017 - Story & News 2017 page 

Dark Devotion Fantastic Fantasy "Take" ItJCH
D.O.B. 84/06/04 - 15/04/14      Hips: A/B       Elbows: 0/0     Pattela:  0/0           Eyes: Clear ( Gonio clear)      Pedigree     
Breeder: Louisianne Noteborn- Schmit              Coowner: Anna Costa Lobo

Italian Junior Champion

"Take" lived with Anna and her family, after being  re-homed
from his first owner in Italy.
He was very loved and lived a very happy life.
Unfortunately cancer took him to Heaven in 2014.