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PTCh & GICh Dark Devotion Hip Endless Echo JP16, BOB05, BOB6, TAN

30th of May 2004 - 18th of November 2016        Hips: A/A      Elbows: 0/0      Pattela: 0/0       Eyes: Clear ( Gonio clear)    Pedigree      Album

Breeder: Louisianne Noteborn- Schmit

* Portuguese Junior Champion

* Gibraltar Champion

* Best of Breed 2005

* Portuguese Champion 2006

* Best of Breed 2006

* T.A.N. Natural Aptitudes Test

"Hip" show carrier had to end around her 3 years old because she had to have her front upper teeth removed due to a invasive benign tumor. She has been enjoying life working and spending quality time with us, her family xxx

Sweet girl, I hope you know that you were wanted a very long time before you were even in your mum's tummy, and when we heard "Bluff" was in whelp we were the most happy people in the world!

You were held with much love in our arms all the flight until Lisbon... and we held you in our arms until a long time after we felt your last breath, your last heart beat. Was so hard to let you go... you will always stay in our hearts.

Thank you for making these 12 years special, thank you for teaching us so many things, thank you for leaving us so much, thank YOU...

We hope, we pray, your beautiful soul choses us again.

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