Golden & Flatcoated Retriever
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Golden Retriever litters

Past Litters

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PTCh Angelusparks Elsa's Eternal Bliss TAN & Fenwood Marc Jacob JW ( prop. Malcolm Godefroy & Anna Costa Lobo)
PTCH GrandCh Angelusparks Elsa's Eternal Bliss TAN  & CIE IBCH SPA/PT/SWICH SPAJCH CERJCH Heimdall de Zulema (Prop. Luis Civera GarcĂ­a) ( 3/1/2018)

PTCh Angelusparks Elsa's Eternal Bliss & Jamila of Bridge Four (prop. Paulo Silveira) ( 19/11/ 2013)

PTCh & GBRCh Elsa of Bridge Four & PTCh & GBRCh Dewmist Rainbow Quest JE & JP'09, BOB'09 ( prop. Marta Flores) (7/04/2010)
PtCh & GbrCh Elsa of Bridge Four & Erinderry Tiernan TAN  (21/10/2012)
PTCh & GBRCH  Elsa of Bridge Four  &  PT CH, GBZ JCH Cal Arana X-Port LJW'06, LW (prop. Marta Flores) (10/01/ 2009)   
Puppies having fun. . .

All our puppies are delivered to their new owners with:

  • Pedigree (L.O.P.)
  • Vaccination proper to their age in a Passport Card;
  • Microchip;
  • Wormed since two weeks;
  • A briefcase containing: Copies of parents pedigrees, copies of parents medical exams, copies of parents Show/ Work challenges certifications;
  • Puppy food for more three days;


" Dogs are our link to paradise. They don't know evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring, it was peace."

Milan Kundera