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Present litter

Born at 23rd of May 2018

Babies are here, four days earlier! From 4.25 Jewel gave birth to 4 girls and 10 boys ( two girls were angels ❤️). We know she was looking large but 14 was never really a number we thought of 💟 she was and is a rock star of a mum, loving the babies since first second.

PTCh Angelusparks IV Bel's Jewel BPW, JE16, GBRJCH, PTJCH, PJW17   hips: A/A    Elbows: 0/0   Patella: 0/0   Clear

eyes 2018 ( glaucoma too) 💕 C.I.E.AJCH HJCH ACH HSCH SKCH SLOCH HRCH HRGCH All True Man Vom

Paradiesgartl hips: A/A     Elbows:0/0     Patella: 0/0     Clear eyes 2018 (glaucoma too)

10 boys & 2 girls

RFKCH, JCH RUS, JCH BLR Angelusparks V Made In Heaven, prop Natalia & Vladislav Mulyar, 1 x Best Baby in Show, 2 x RBest in Group 8, 4 JCC, 2x Best in Group, Best in Show

(A/A hips, 0/0 Elbows, Clear eyes)

Angelusparks V Mon Dieu, prop. Caroline & Thomas Ericson, 1 x Best Puppy in Show, 1RCC ( A/A Hips, 0/0 elbows, free Knees, Clear eyes)

BO&HECH, ROCh, TranCh, HCH, SZCH, SkGrandCh ROGrandCh, SKCH, TranWinner, SKPJCh, HJCH, PLJCh Angelusparks V Mon Amour, prop Hana Kalinová ( A/A Hips, 0/0 elbows, free knees, Clear eyes)

Angelusparks V Mindblowing ”Sam”, prop. Bosse Sandhal.

4 x JCC, 1x Best Puppy in Show ( A/A Hips, 0/0 elbows, free knees, Clear eyes)

Angelusparks V Merlin's Magic Touch, Prop. Kathy Blanchard & Ava Hata

Angelusparks V More Than Words , Prop.

Kathy Blanchard & Ava Hata

LJW18, PTJCh Angelusparks V Maverick JP19, 5x JCC, 2x BOB, 1x 3rd Best in Group8, (Hips:A/A, Elbows: 0/0, Patella: 0/0, Eyes: Clear ( glaucoma included), prop. Astride Monteiro

NZCH Angelusparks V Making Magic for Arangold PPW19, prop. David & Margaret Hean (Hips: 2-1, elbows: 0/0, clear eyes)

Angelusparks V Mountain of Joy, prop. Salvador Salgado Mostazo

Angelusparks V Morningstar "Mokka", prop. Mafalda Di Martino

Angelusparks V Moonlight "Oscar", prop. Ariana Lourenço e Bruno Ribeiro

Angelusparks V Macho Man , prop. Eleonora Todorova

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