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News 2006

10th of December International Dog Show of Batalha

- Hip 1º Excellent & RCACIB;

- Elsa 3º Excellent in Middle Class;

- Hurry 1º Excellent in Middle Class;    

9th of December 3rd Retriever Club de Portugal Club Show

- Hip 3ª Excellent in Champion Class;

- Elsa 2º Excellent in Middle Class;

- Hurry 2º Excellent in Middle Class;

*8th of December: Today we went to the Lisbon airport to pick up Kimberly Noteborn-Schmit, and Bluff, mother of our Hip. It was wonderful having them both here and we hope they will come again and soon!!! After we made our trip to Leiria ( very close to Batalha where the show was held) to stay in our friends home, Tatiana and Anacleto, to whom we thank very dearly all their help, kindness and friendship!!!    

* 19th of November at the IX Exposición Internacional Canina ( Provincia de Cádiz), Spain;

- Hip wan RCAC & RCACIB;

- Elsa was Best Middle Class Bitch;

- Hurry had a Very Good;

* 21st of October

- Hip wan CCC & BOB;

- Hurry was 1st Excellent;

- Elsa wan RCA;

* 8th of October

- Hip wan CCC, BOB and was Third Best of Group

- Hurry wan CAC;

- Elsa wan CAC and was Best Bitch of Breed;      

* 24th of September

- Hip wan CACIB and BOB;

- Hurry wan CAC and RCACIB;                                                                                                                            

- Elsa wan CAC and RCACIB;  

* 17th of September - Exposición Internacional Canina de Galicia, Espanha:

- Hip was 3rd excellent in Open Class;

- Hurry had a Very Good;

- Elsa was 3rd Excellent in Middle Class;

* 10th of September

- Hip, gain CCC, Best Bitch of Breed and Best of Breed;

- Hurry was Best Junior of Breed;

- Elsa was Best Junior of Breed and Best Bitch of Breed;    

* 20th of May - Today we went to the LXXVIII Exposicion Internacional Canina de Primavera in Spain with Hip and Hurry. We got there at 8 o'clock in the morning and already hundreds of people with their dogs. After finding our place I went outside with Hurry to get her focus a bit (after 5 hours of journey) before entering the ring. My terrible bad luck made me step on a rock and I damage terribly my ankle... I could not enter the ring with neither the girls because I couldn't even walk that much... So Ricardo made his first entering with the girls alone!!! And not to bad, Hip was 2º excellent in the Open Class and Hurry was 1º Excellent and Best of Junior. With a wonderful remark from the Judge that told both girls have beautiful walk... the only big problem is that Hip is so use to be handle by me that she wasn't focus on Ricardo. Well, we will hope better luck next time!!!! We didn't wait until the end for the Best Junior of Show because we had to come to Portugal for an emergency doctor appointment...!

* 30th of April

- Hip was BOB; - Hurry best Junior of Breed

- Elsa 2º Excellent

* 4th of March - Today was the International Show of VFX

- Tep wan a Very Good in the Junior Class;

- Elsa wan an Excellent in the Junior Class;

- Hurry was Best Junior Bitch of Breed and was the Best Bitch of Breed;

- Hip wan CAC and CACIB;

23rd of February - Today we got the big news! Hip was considered the Best of Breed of the year 2005 in Portugal

* 21st of January - In the International show of the North Hip wan the CAC-QC and Hurry was best junior of breed,

* 1st of January - The first day of the Guest book, where you can write what you think about our site and dogs or simply a friendly message;

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