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News 2007

Hurry ends up the year being Best of Breed of the Year - BOB 07

Congratulations Hurry!!!

22nd of December

Today Elsa, Goldie and Hip received their Rescue Dogs Certificates after ending their tests successfully.

The congratulations go to the girls and of course my husband Ricardo for all his work and devotion to them. We would like to thank Fred from UCAS and Nuno from ACBS for their time and teachings and endlessness patience. And write down a Congratulation note to these two Rescue Dog Organization for their hard and non profit work.

2nd of December

Elsa was 3rd Excellent

International Dog Show of Santarém

Hurry wan CCC

Some friends took some pictures of both events, they will be placed as soon as we have them!

3rd of November

Elsa wan CAC

Sousel National Show

Hurry wan CCC - with these final points she achieved her spot in the Royal Canin Champion of the Year Show!!! Well done Hurry - Good Luck!!!!

7th of October

Elsa was RCAC

Beja Nat. Show

Hurry wan CCC & Best bitch of breed

2th of August

Angelusparks Master Piece is Junior Champion, congratulations Helena Calado for all your work with the gorgeous boy!

26th of August

Elsa was 4º Excellent in Open Class

Estoril Int. Show

Hurry wan CCC

We are back home from deserved holidays weeks in the family country house in Viseu, Moimenta da Beira. With the Barragem do Vilar at our door ... what

could we want more!?

29th of July

Elsa was 3º Excellent in Open Class

Sintra Int. Show

Hurry wan CCC

8th of June

Hip wan CCC ( Best Champion Bitch), CACIB & Best of Breed

Hurry wan CAC-QC ( was made Portuguese Champion!) & RCACIB

Elsa was 3rd Excellent in Open Class

7th of June

Hip wan CCC ( Best Champion Bitch) & RCACIB

Hurry wan CAC & CACIB

Elsa was 4th Excellent in Open Class

2nd of June

Hip wan CCC ( Best Champion Bitch), 2nd Best Bitch of Breed

Hurry wan CAC, Best Bitch of Breed and Best of Breed

Elsa wan RCAC

19th of May

We were just told that Hip was Best Flatcoated Retriever of Breed, for the second year. BOB 05 & 06

19th of February

In this weekend we went with some friends to Serra da Estrela ( specially with Miguel e a Ana , Loba Dourada ) and we manage to see a little bit of snow... not much as we dreamed about !!!! I was forgetting, our "girls" went with us, only not Elsa as we hope she is caring pups and don't want to harm them in any way. ( Pictures in the Others page).

21sh of January

Hip was 2º Excellent in Champion Class

Hurry was Best Bitch in Middle Class

Elsa was Best Bitch in Middle Class

20th January

Hip was 1º Excellent in Champion Class, CCC

Hurry was Best Bitch in Middle Class & R. CAC

Elsa Was Best Bitch in Middle Class

4th of January

The Year as started well for us, as Hurry is the Best Retriever Junior of the Year!!!

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