Golden & Flatcoated Retriever
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News 2019

In the 3rd NDS do Cartaxo, judge mr. Rui Gonçalves (PT)
* Angelusparks V Making Magic to Arangold PPW19 "Lisbon": Best Puppy of Breed, Best Puppy of Group and 3rd Best Puppy of Show, prop. Margaret & David Hean ( in the picture)
* PTCh Angelusparks IV Bel's Jewel BPW, JE16, GBRJCH, PTJCH, PJW17: 1st Ex Champion Class, CCC
* JE18 Angelusparks Luxurious PJW19: 1ex Junior Class, Jcc, 2nd Best Male, and is now also Portuguese Junior Champion
* GrandCh, PtCh Angelusparks Elsa's Eternal Bliss TAN PVW19: 1ex Veteran Class and 2nd Best Bitch


Angelusparks V Mon Amour "Riana" prop. Hana Kalinová:

Nitra 3 x CACIB dogshow 

Day 1, Peter Berchtold (AT)
* 2nd Puppy Bitch

Day 2, Louis Dehaes (BE) 
* 1st Puppy Bitch and now achieves the remaining points to be Slovakian Puppy Champion

Day 3, Janka Janeková (SK)
 * 1st Puppy Bitch


JCH, HBW Angelusparks II Like An Angel "Tina", prop. Hazafi Zsuzsanna

Nitra 3 x CACIB dogshow 

Day 1, Peter Berchtold (AT)
* "TINA" junior class: Excellent 3.

Day 2, Louis Dehaes (BE) &  Jaroslav Matyás (SK)
TINA: Junior class: Excellent 1/6 CAJC and in the afternoon she made it to the Best 3 in the Junior BOG

Day 3, Janka Janeková (SK)
 Tina also won her junior class of 7! and she got the title: Slovakian Junior Champion!!! 🏆


At the 89th International Dog Show of Porto
Judge: Manuel Torres Delicado
* JE18 Angelusparks II Luxurious: 1st Junior Class (6) - Porto Junior Winner ( in the picture)
* JE18 Angelusparks II Legend Continues: 3rd Ex. Junior Class (6)
* PTCh, GrandCh Angelusparks Elsa's Eternal Bliss TAN: 1ex Veteran Class : Porto Veteran Winner

Judge: Rui Oliveira
* Angelusparks IV Making Magic to Arangold "Lisbon", prop. Margaret & David Hean: Best Puppy of Breed: Porto Puppy Winner


In the Netherlands at the Dutch Goldenclub (open show) judge: Valentina Zanini
* Angelusparks II Let Our Love Shine "Diego", prop. Hennie & Renee Bross: 2nd Ex, Junior Class (6)
* Angelusparks II La Boheme "Madison", prop. Frieda & Gert Rijnbergen: 4th Junior Class (16)


At Tartto Allbreed Dog Show
* RuCh Angelusparks Hugs & Kisses to Fairquest "Helmi", prop Nina Koskiaho: CC and now Estonian Champion


Hanácká National Exhibition Brno
* Angelusparks V Mon Amour "Rianka" prop. Hana Kalinová: Best Puppy of Breed