Golden & Flatcoated Retriever
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News 2020

New Year's show of Gold Retriever Club Netherlands, judge: Alvaro Galego (SP)

* Angelusparks ll Let Our Love Shine "Diego" prop. Hennie & Renee Broos: 3rd Excellent ( in 8) Open Class


90th IDS Porto 2020  &  91th IDS Porto 2020
Judge: Tamas Jakkel
* CIE PT/GI CH PT GRCH Angelusparks II I'm On Fire LW16, "Yuki" prop. José & Elisa Fernandes: 1st Champion Class winning CCC + RCACIB
Judge: Francesco Cochetti
* CIE PT/GI CH PT GRCH Angelusparks II I'm On Fire LW16, "Yuki"prop. José & Elisa Fernandes1st Champion Class winning CCC


MyDog 2020 Int utställning 200104, Sweden
* Angelusparks V Mindblowing ”Sam” prop. Bosse Sandhal:  1ex Intermediary Class with CK Judge: Bertil Lundgren

* Angelusparks V Mon Dieu ”Dio” prop. Caroline & Thomas Ericson: Excellent 3 intermediate class. Judge Johan Andersson


In this beginning of 2020, we wish to thank all our “puppy” owners for the love they give them, above all it is the most important thing.  We also wish to CONGRATULATE all the members of our family that showed them successfully this past year, many adding new tittles to their name!!! We are very proud of you all!!!!! ⭐️
Golden Retriever:
* SLKJCH, JCH, HBW Angelusparks II Like An Angel "Tina", prop. Hazafi Zsuzsanna, is now Hungary Show Champion and passed the Temperament and Ability Test;
* RuCh Angelusparks Hugs & Kisses to Fairquest " Helmi" owners: Nina Koskiaho & Catharina Rantanen is now also EstCh, LatviaCh
* CIE GICh, PTCh Angelusparks II I’m On Fire LW16, Prop. José and Elisa Fernandes is now Grand Champion Portugal (2x 2nd BOG)
* Angelusparks II King of The Forest, prop. Wenche Ommundsen: CAC winner and 3rd Best in Show
* NJK Angelusparks II Khal Drogo "Raven" prop. Yvette des Yvette de Vries: CAC & CACIB winner
* AmsW18 Angelusparks II La Boheme "Madison", prop. Frieda & Gert Rijnbergen, for the excellent places and reports;
* Angelusparks ll Let Our Love Shine "Diego" prop. Hennie & Renee Broos, for the excellent places and reports;
* Angelusparks Heaven Sent to Moloko "Whitney" prop: Margo Paterson & Mary Neil, for the excellent and reports;
* GrandCh , PTCh Angelusparks Elsa's Eternal Bliss TAN is now Lisbon and Porto Veteran Winner and PTVCH
* JE18 Angelusparks Legend Continues " Baby" is now PTJCH
* JE18 Angelusparks Luxurious is now PJW19, PTJCh
Flatcoated Retriever:
* C.I.E. HPW HJCH HSCH HRSCH HRGCH ACH W&S Winner Halaszi18 Angelusparks IV Je T‘aime "Fleur" prop. Gabriele Baumgartner & Angelika Wehrli now also CIB by passing her Gundog working trial
* Angelusparks V Made In Heaven "Connor", prop. Natalia and Vladislav Mulyar is now RKFCH, JCH RUS, JCH BLR (Best in Group winner)
* Angelusparks V Mon Amour "Rianka" prop. Hana Kalinová, is now: SKPJCh, HJCH, PLJCh and passed the Club Hunting Trials
* Angelusparks IV Making Magic to Arangold "Lisbon" PPW19, prop. Margaret & David Hean is now NZCh (Best Junior in Show)
* Angelusparks IV Maverick prop. Astride & Marcos Monteiro is now LJW18 and JCH (3rd Best in Group 8)
* Angelusparks V Mindblowing ”Sam” prop. Bosse Sandahl : 4x Best junior, BOS winner
* Angelusparks V Mon Dieu ”Dio” prop. Caroline & Thomas Ericson, wins Junior Classes and RCC
* GrandCh, USACH/INTCH Angelusparks IV Joie de Vivre, prop. Kathy Leonard Blanchard & Nanci Hanover was selected bitch
* Angelusparks V Merlin’s Magic Touch "Jynx" prop. Kathy Blanchard & Ava Hata: 1st In Junior Class
* PTCh Angelusparks IV Bel's Jewel BPW, JE16, GBRJCH, PTJCH, PJW17 : BOB, 3rd Best in Group
* GICH & PTCH, CIE, GrandChampion Castlerock Good Luck Charm to Fenwood "Magic" GIBW, PTJCh, LJW16, PW17, LW17, BOB17 & 18, LW18, coowner Malcolm Godefroy is now Lisbon Winner 2019