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Together with my husband Ricardo Neves, we have started the Angelusparks affix in 2004. With only thirteen litters breed, seven in Flatcoated Retriever and six in Golden Retriever, we have proudly owned and bred dogs that hold between them Forty-nine Show Champion Titles, and many more with other Show Titles, Winners, Class and Breed winners in many countries in Europe, Russia, in the U.S.A, New Zealand and in India.

Our affix is a word that was made by the combination of other two, Angelus from Latim Angels and Sparks. Our "four paws" are our sparkles of Angels.

On the above picture,our very first Golden Retriever: "Goldie" (never a show girl but the Queen of our home for all her life!), Ch Dark Devotion Hip Endless Echo, Ch Elsa of Bridge Four and Ch Dark Devotion Hurricane Huntress

Besides showing our team we work them in Gundog Work and also in Search and Rescue. In these last twelve years, in Flatcoated Retriever we have won nine Best of Breed of the Year with six different dogs and in Golden Retriever three (JE; JP Angelusparks Enya's Caytlin BOB10 owner Marta Flores), and special boy Ch Angelusparks Eclipse was the Best Golden Retriever of the year twice, sadly we lost him at only 2 years with tick fever.

PTCh Angelusparks Eclipse GIJCh, JP11 " Clipper" at 2 years old, being showed in the Junior Handling

Competition by Raquel Gonçalves

After losing Clipper, we lost for a while our "heart" in showing Golden Retriever and due to it his sister was not really shown for a big wile, sadly as she had won BIS in two different countries, group placings in the 8th Group and in the Junior Competitions. In 2015 we decided to show her again and we achieved our most proud moment so far! In the Portuguese Retriever Club Show we had two of our breeding in the three best places in the final. Our lovely Ch Angelusparks Elsa’s Eternal Bliss was Best in Show and Ch Angelusparks III Fabulous By Nature (owner Mario di Serafim) was 3rd Best in Show.

We are extremely proud of them all whatever they do: show, work or simply loving and caring family members. Our aim is to breed the most loving Golden and Flatcoated Retriever, with the best of temperaments and health and always do the best for the breeds we have.

They are our family!

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